School quality

Projet CAEF

By proposing to organise a consultation of all primary school teachers on the subject of their profession, this research project aims to make a major contribution to the study of the central aspects of the teaching profession (difficulties encountered, organisation into cycles, teamwork, management of heterogeneity, teaching practices, assessment practices, measures taken when extending the cycle, etc. ) and thus provide the OEJQS with a solid scientific basis for drawing up its own reports on the quality of the teaching provided and the implementation of the elements introduced by the 2009 reform.

The study is participatory in nature, and will not be carried out on those involved in primary education, but with them. The choice of a mixed methodological approach (both quantitative and qualitative) should make it possible, on the one hand, to consult teachers widely and draw up a statistically representative inventory of certain specific aspects of the profession, and on the other hand, to involve them as closely as possible in the analysis of the data collected and the formulation of perspectives validated by a scientific system and supported by the field.

The study has three objectives:

  1. to provide an up-to-date overview of the teaching profession at primary level ;
  2. examine the extent to which the 2009 reform has been implemented in schools ;
  3. involve teachers closely in the analysis of the study data so as not to reinforce their feeling of being dispossessed of their profession, and thus contribute to bringing together those working in the field, scientists and policy-makers.

Project team



  • Université du Luxembourg – DESW (Department of Education and Social Work)