Key skills for the 21st century (Enrichment phase (consultation with stakeholders and partners to deepen the thematic analysis))

In the wake of the thematic report on the role of education in preparing young people for the challenges of the 21st century, the Observatory has invited teachers and other key players in the education system to contribute to the reflections launched in this report. This consultation is of great importance to the Observatory, since it involves teachers and other key players with their experiences, insights and day-to-day experiences regarding the upcoming changes to the education system.

The survey is based on the following questions: What key skills are needed to meet the challenges of the knowledge society in the 21st century? What are the possible responses and scenarios related to the establishment of an education system that prepares young people to meet these challenges in Luxembourg? What is the acceptance of the resulting paradigm shift? What pedagogical practices are teachers currently implementing to prepare their pupils to meet the aforementioned challenges?

Project team